June 9, 2001
The obligatory first shot of Kibble with the new digital camera.
Kibble spots a gopher in the Golden Gate Park Pnahandle.
Wonder Wok: the best Chinese food in the Bay Area.  Regrettably, it's in the South Bay, so it's an hour drive for us to get there.
Gwen's favorite: Mongolian Beef.
My favorite: Kung Pao Chicken.
Explanation, anyone?  Milpitas is an odd place.
Kibble in her normal "resting" state.
Kibble unusually alert--the camera must still have that "new" smell.
Kibble, bloated from Krispy Kreme crullers and In-n-Out cheeseburgers (another normal state for her).
Kibble's not-quite-woken-up face.