January 13, 2001
Southbound view of Golden Gate Bridge, viewed from Golden Gate Vista Point..
Alcatraz and downtown San Francisco.
San Francisco skyline from Marin.
Beach at Fort Cronkhite.
Fort Kronkite as viewed from surrounding Marin headlands.
Need I say it?  Battery Mendell.
And the Battery itself.
Tanker exiting San Francisco Bay (and can you spot the Point Bonita lighthouse?)
Golden Gate Bridge from Marin headlands.
Fort Kronkite again.
Low-profile bunkers in Marin headlands.
Golden Gate Bridge as viewed from the entrance to the walking trail to Point Bonita lighthouse.
Philip Luckey arrives at SFO, ready for MacWorld Expo!
The crush to get into the keynote.  Best 4 hours I've spent in line in a while.
And we make it into the keynote!
The new G4 Powerbooks on display (drool!)
Gwen and her cubey home-away-from-home.
Philip and I take a picture of our lunch destination (easier than drawing our own map.)
Gwen outside of her castle.
A bit of my past catches up with me.
Two pointy heads....
Another lake in Golden Gate Park.
And again.
Philip's brush with greatness.
Gwen scales kids toy.
Who knew Martin Lawrence had enough taste to buy and display a Warhol?