December 29, 2000
Another San Francisco Bassset Hound--this one on Polk Street.
Kibble peers at the painted ladies around Alamo Square.
This type of fence does nothing to impede Basset traffic.
Another day at Sutro Baths.
And again, 
and again, 
and again,
and again,
and again,
and again,
and again,
and again, (believe it or not).
These are the former "bleachers" at Sutro Baths.
Kibble sniffs the craggy base of the bleachers.
Ruins of some of the changing rooms?
and more.
Murphy Park in Milpitas, CA, where I usually bring my lunch (often from Wonder Wok.)
Unbreached soup in a bag, leftover from Alcatel-provided lunch.  Safely stored in my bottom desk drawer.  Wonder how it's doing....
Steel bird docks with SFO....
and disgorges Renee Landers, ready for a visit.
And while walking around town, Renee and I stumble across Jill Knight, the performer we're going to see on Monday night in Mill Valley!  Bizarre!