December 17, 2000
Actually back in November, a day at Montara Beach (between San Francisco and Santa Cruz.)
Kib tracks!
Kibble and grafitti.
Kibble forceably restrained.
Gwen and Kib at a tidepool ledge.
Gwen in her last artificially-corrected-vision shot.
12/16-Conservaroty of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.
Odd California plant (looks fake, doesn't it?)
And orange-tipped friends.
Golden Gate Bridge in the center distance.  I need to learn to work the white-balance correction....
Houses on Fulton across from the park.
Sutro Tower as viewed from the hill north of the Conservatory.
The apex of the Conservatory.
Kibble sniffs the underbrush.
Gwen (hey! no contacts or glasses!  Thanks, Lasik!) and Kibble off-roading.
Kibble likes ducks.
Moseying on.
Front elevation of the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.
One of the flower beds in front of the Conservatory all gussied up for the holidays.
Bridge and underpass for JFK Drive at the Conservatory.
And finally, we make it to Palace of Fine Arts.
Better contrast.
Outlying structures.
King in front of the dome.
Kibble on a pillar.
Gwen in front of some washed-out pillars.
Gwen gives some sense of scale to the dome.  This is massive.
Another inside shot.
And always, the Golden Gate Bridge lurks in the background.