October 17, 2000
As many times as Gwen and I drive past this sign in front of a flight of stairs reading "Not a through street," I couldn't believe that there's the proof (in the form of a white pickup truck) that the sign is actually necessary.  Eventually they had to call a tow truck....
A nice view of the North Bay from high in the Marina District.
Washington Square, Saints Peter and Paul Church, and Coit Tower.
A side view of just Saints Peter and Paul Church.
TransAmerica building as viewed across Washington Square.
A straight-on view of Saints Peter and Paul Church (and Washington Square in front).
Coit Tower.
Northwestern view from the summit of Strawberry Hill in Golden Gate Park.
Western view from same.
Northern view from same (note Golden Gate Bridge in the distance).
North/northeastern view from same.
Northeastern view (TransAmerica building near the center of the picture) from same. 
Gwen and Kibble near the stump from which the previous pictures from taken.
Gwen wrangling the dog for the following picture in the Chinese Pagoda in Spreckles Lake at the base of Strawberry Hill in Golden Gate Park.
The finished shot.
A landscape version of the previous picture.
One of the more utilitarian/behind-the-scenes areas of Golden Gate Park (where the extracted trees go).
Bison in the paddock.
And again.
Margot (sister-in-law) in the Sutro Heights Parapet.
Kib and I at the same location.