July 23, 2000
View of an observation deck near the Cliff House.
All the followings shots are from Buena Vista Park in San Francisco.  You know, in California, I keep coming across new plants, the likes of which I've never seen before.  What this heck is this thing?
First of many views of San Francisco through the trees at the summit of Buena Vista Park.  You can spot the famous fog bank in the distance.  Looking north.
Looking east (into the San Francisco Bay).
A more unobstructed north-facing view.  The large green patch in the center horizon in Fort Mason.
The financial district.  Note the tall, pyramidal spire that is the TransAmerica building.
Another view of the financial district along with the Bay Bridge.  Looking northeast.
One of the many paths in Buena Vista Park.  Yes, actually a picture of the park itself!
The next four shots are basically the same area (west facing), just slightly different views and angles.  I like the courtyard on the barrel-tile-roofed house.  Also, note the fog bank again.  Keen eyes will also spot Kezar Stadium.
Again.  The band of greenspace is Golden Gate Park.
Different orientation.
Further to the right.  Nice church on Fulton street with spires.  Keen eyes may spot the tippy-top of one of the Golden Gate Bridge towers.
West facing.
Another shot into Buena Vista Park.
More odd California flora.  Don't most plants need some green area for photosynthesis to survive?  These are like worms sprouting out of the ground.  Didn't I see these on Start Trek?
Sutro Tower.
South facing.
Hill to the east of the park.  Maybe it's part of the park.  We'll check back in on this.
San Francisco Bay and SOMA area.
Gwen takes a breather from hiking all over the park on an all-natural seat.