May 29, 2000
Volleyball game at Alcatel IND spring picnic.
Random path in Golden Gate Park.
Spreckles Lake water level is back up to normal.
And the gulls are enjoying it.
Fun urban art next to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA).
Archery Range in GGP.
Beach as viewed from Fort Funston.
Pacific coast as viewed from Fort Funston (observation deck on the left).
Veterans' Administration Hospital facing the bay inlet at Fort Miley.
Lincoln Golf Course (east of Fort Miley and south of Land's End).
Rocky coast at northern end of the Peninsula.
Marin as seen from SF.
And, the obligatory Golden Gate Bridge shots start.
More GGB.
And again.  Both this and the next few curiously unobstructed shots are taken from an amazing outcropping which used to feature an artillery station.  Maybe I should have gotten a picture of that....
Looking eastward from the outcropping.
That same, odd, mini lighthouse.
Craggy coast.
Another GGB shot.  Yawn.  Don't know why it draws me so much, but I don't feel I've gotten the "perfect" shot yet.
The last shot from the outcropping, this time facing west.  If you look carefully, you can just see the western tip of another small beach which will be the last shots of the day at the bottom center of the shot.
Nice ocean shot.
I call this one "Farting Rock."
And again.
Pay no attention to the naked guy.  I framed it as best I could, but one still slipped into the picture....