April 23, 2000
One of many paths in Golden Gate Park leading to Ocean Beach.
Dutch Windmill at western edge of GGP.
Base of windmill, path, and JFK Drive.
GGP Golf Course as viewed from the underbrush.
Nice convertible touring through GGP on JFK Drive near the Bison Paddock.
Another nice vew of the Great Highway (35) from below the Paraphet.
The odd, alien succulent ground cover comes into bloom.
Nice view of Ocean Beach as seen from the Paraphet.
The Paraphet itself (south face).
Another view of 35 from the top of the Paraphet.  Can you spot the aforementioned Dutch Windmill?
Kibble with her head down a gopher hole.
Boats on Stow Lake.
Ducks warming themselves on a branch over Stow Lake.
Kibble encounters vagrant geese on the banks of Stow Lake.
Turtles basking.
Arty composite shot of flower (yellow iris?), paddleboat on Stow Lake, and Strawberry Hill.
Sign of spring: the bison start to molt.
Huge Rhododendron tree in the Rhododendron Dell.
That's one gnarly root ball.
Gwen, the tree climber.
Crunchberries in bloom.
Kibble and Gwen take a break in the Rhododendron Dell.
Kibble forges her own path.