April 23, 2000
Kibble and I relax on a stump overlooking the AIDS grove.
One of many circular benches in the grove.
A view into the valley which is the AIDS grove.
A different angle of the same bench.
Some activity today....
Gwen and Kibble enjoy a bench
for a while.
Gwen surmounts a walkable tree at the western end of the grove.
The same tree.
Nice flowers.  Buttercups?
A path in the Dahlia Dell.
Benches in a meadow in the dell.
Gwen gives up on the walk.
The conservatory.  For very nice arial short of it, try  http://www.arch.ced.berkeley.edu/kap/gallery/gal74.html.
Spreckles Lake continues to lower.
And an explanation for the lake water level.
Road construction by Spreckles Lake.
A peak at the Richmond District of San Francisco from within Golden Gate Park.
And again.
Bison paddock in the distance.
Occasionally when the bark is damaged, you can spy the plywood within.
The turtles' sunning turtle is now entirely landlocked.
A pointy bird in the lake.
Oddly-smooth turtles at the lake's edge.
We try the Krispy Kreme again.
Still a long line, but the "Hot Now" sign's on!  (I doubt it's gone off since they opened.)