March 25, 2000
Muir Beach
North Shore at Muir Beach.
South shore at Muir Beach.
Kibble gets outflanked by the wiley Pacific Ocean.
Kibble and I in front of a rock on the beach,
Take two.
Gwen on the other side fo the rock.
By the creek inland from Muir Beach.
Take two.
Basking Basset.
Left profile in front of one of the WWII observation posts.
Right profile.
Path to outcropping at Muir Beach Overlook.
Gwen and Kibble on a grassy (and obviously windy) field at Muir Beach Overlook.
Take two.
Southern face of the outcropping.
Down the Southern face.
Further down.
Gwen and Kibble outside an entrance to an observation post.
Sunny, isn't it?
Kibble enjoying the heady height.
Looking North from the Overlook.
Looking West from the Overlook.
Paths at Muir Beach as seen from Muir Beach Overlook.
Take two.
Looks like we'll have to try again to get an arial shot of Muir Beach.
And again.