March 24, 2000
Lillies appear to spring up everywhere in the city.  It's quite odd.
A field of lillies.
Some purple stuff.
Ah!  I see the new programmers have arrived!
A truck from Gwen's current employer out and about on I-280/
Another view.
One of the worst delivery jobs by FedEx I've ever seen.  Had to use Kibble's leash to lasso it down.
The Senior Center in Golden Gate Park.
Camp circle behind the Senior Center.
Kibble on the trail.
Gulls et al. by the Miniature Yacht Lake.  Note the very low water level.  What's up with that?
A clean gull.
Grove on South side of Miniature Yacht Lake.
Kibble inspects the grove.
View of Miniature Yacht Lake from the North.
Row of houses (maybe 35th Avenue?) from Golden Gate Park.