March 17, 2000
Trees in Golden Gate Park (GGP) near the Dog Run
Sunset in GGP.  The clearing to the right is part of the Bison Paddock.
Bird in the sandbar lake. Stork? Ibis?  Heron?  I'm going with heron....
Log bench at one edge of the GGP golf course.
Pine trees in bloom.  If this is their naughty bits...
...then this is positively obscene!
Duck on the path around sandbar lake.
Kibble, groggy, but in her natural environment.
Sunset in GGP.
Much like #2, but this time also featuring Sutro Tower and the moon.
Kibble on the trail of something foul (fowl?) in GGP. 
View of the city at the edge of GGP.