Feb 21, 2000
View of "the avenues" in San Francisco from beach near Fort Funston
Kibble and King atop dune with Pacific Ocean in background.
Arial view.
Kibble on the hunt for other canines.
Kibble "hitting the wall."
Gwen on a dune summit.
Gwen restraining Kibble.
Kibble pondering plummitting to hear death.
Kibble enjoys the smells of the Ocean water.
"The ladies" caught in the surf.
And all spunky after getting doused.
Kibble in the surf again.
Kibble being menaced by the world's largest mouse.
Gun turret ruins?
Kibble scares off a smooth-brained fluffball.
Better view of the erosion problem.
Kibble finds a bit of driftstump.
and then the relationship sours.
Back off the beach.  Golden Gate Bridge visible in the far distance.
Gwen on the path.  Pacific in the background.
Another view--no people this time.
and another....
The fog already starting to roll into Golden Gate Park at Ocean Beach.
Lake Merced and Sutro Tower.
Basset wrangler and beast.